Fresh Faces

Nominate a colleague (or yourself) to be one of 2018’s Fresh Faces

Fresh Faces is KPLA’s new program to highlight the contributions of public library staff throughout the state and encourage idea-sharing among regions, specialties, and library sizes.

Each year, KPLA will select eight members — two from each KDLA region — whose ideas and efforts are moving their libraries into the future.

KPLA members of any age who have been in their current (full or part-time, certified or uncertified) position in a public library for five years or less are eligible.

Honorees will receive a complimentary full registration for the 2019 KPLA Spring Conference, recognition in print and online, and opportunities to learn from KPLA executive leadership, committee chairs, and fellow Fresh Faces participants.

Don’t miss this opportunity to help a deserving colleague grow in his or her career, and to let the rest of the state know about the great work that’s being done at your library!

Honorees will be announced at the KPLA Spring Conference.

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  • Optional supporting documentation may be emailed to Awards Committee Chair Mary Ann Abner.