Training for the Community

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Training members of your community in intellectual freedom issues provides transparency to library operations, develops rapport with patrons and stakeholders, and can go a long way to setting expectations about what the library can and cannot do, thus hopefully helping avoid problems. Training sessions may include the following items:

  • Content in brochures notifying parents of their rights and responsibilities regarding their children’s use of the library (don’t have one? CREATE ONE!)
  • Easy to digest disccussion of policies and procedures regarding children’s use of the library
  • A reminder to parents through programming and activities that their interaction with their children is vital?
  • Sharing real-life “teachable moments” to provide patrons with information about the importance of protecting intellectual freedeom and patron privacy
  • Comparison of our freedoms in the United States with those freedoms of citizens in other countries
  • Information about programs embracing and celebrating diversity
  • Comparative approach showing multiple sides of various issues
  • Sharing that library staff believe everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect
  • Discussion of how your patrons can be ambassadors for free access to information

Training Presentations (Forthcoming)

Training Videos (Forthcoming)