Training for Staff/Volunteers

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Training staff in intellectual freedom issues is an important pre-emptive step in handling future controversy. Training staff and volunteers should include a disccusion of the following items:

  • The importance of intellectual freedom and what it means to the library and individuals
  • What the library and staff members stand to lose if intellectual freedom is not defended
  • Real-life or sample scenarios to hit home with the staff and volunteers
  • Relevant policies and procedures your trustees have put in place
  • The fact that patrons will approach any staff member about their concerns
  • Strategies for dealing with discomfort and emotion when talking about intellectual freedom with patrons
  • The steps in dealing with challenges
  • The difference between professional and personal ethics
  • The need to do the right thing regardless of how peers may react
  • Why libraries cannot operate in loco parentis
  • The difference between censorship and selection/collection development
  • Why libraries typically allow others to use salacious or other so-called inapprorpriate materials in a public area where others might be exposed
  • The fact that libraries develop a diverse collection for a broad set of interests, keeping in mind that all patrons are legitimate taxpayers and collections are developed with this in mind
  • KDLA, KPLA, and other training opportunities at conferences, online, and elsewhere

Training Scenarios for Public Libraries

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Relevant Library Laws

Training Videos

If you would like a member of the KPLA Intellectual Freedom Committee to visit your library and conduct an onsite training with your staff please contact Jessica at Henry Library dot com.